Monthly Archives: March 2011

BBC Wildlife Artist Of The Year 2011 Entry

This year I decided to enter the BBC Wildlife Artist Of The Year 2011 competition in part as a way to force myself to try a collage on a slightly larger scale. I chose the ‘British Birds’ category and one of my favourite birds of prey – the majestic Golden Eagle.

It was a refreshing change working with larger pieces of paper and being bolder in my cuts as well as trying a few new materials like tissue paper – the only problem was finding enough large magazine clippings in the right colour range to work with.

The final piece measures 600x300mm – here’s a little sneak peek of the final collage (we aren’t allowed to show the full images until after the competition). I should hear by 30th April if I’ve made it through the first round of judging – wish me luck.

Sketching at the zoo

Last weekend we took Mali (my one year old daughter) for her first trip to the zoo – it was a magical day watching her face as she saw real live creatures that she’d previously only seen in pictures.

I also took the opportunity to whip out the sketchbook and make a few doodles too (got slightly carried away with the penguins – such lovely, expressive and comedic little creatures)…





Hmmmm, brush and ink – not the most forgiving medium to work in 🙁


Inspired by the wonderful array of birds at the zoo, I returned home and created this little chap in the evening…

bird collage

bird collage detail