Minibeast Adventure – CBeebies Animations

Back in July 2013, I was commissioned by London based animation studio Beakus, to create Illustrations for the animated segments of a new CBeebies show called ‘Minibeast Adventure – With Jess’.

My role was to design all of the bugs and human characters based on an early design by brilliant animator/designer Amaël Isnard. Over 3 intensive weeks, I designed and created the Illustrations for all the bugs, children and props for 20 episodes.

It was then over to the amazing animators and directors at Beakus to do their magic.

The first episode aired on CBeebies on 21st April 2014 and runs for 20 episodes.

Selected Minibeasts From Series 1


Human Characters

I couldn’t resist designing the apple boy to look like my newly born son at the time, Samson 🙂



My Illustrations were also used for the end credits of each show and also on the CBeebies website ‘Minibeast Adventures’ games.