Sketching at the zoo

Last weekend we took Mali (my one year old daughter) for her first trip to the zoo – it was a magical day watching her face as she saw real live creatures that she’d previously only seen in pictures.

I also took the opportunity to whip out the sketchbook and make a few doodles too (got slightly carried away with the penguins – such lovely, expressive and comedic little creatures)…





Hmmmm, brush and ink – not the most forgiving medium to work in 🙁


Inspired by the wonderful array of birds at the zoo, I returned home and created this little chap in the evening…

bird collage

bird collage detail

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  1. a million years ago (ok more like 30 then!) when I was an art student my then BF was the most extraordinary illustrator/artist and I craved to be as good as him but knew I never would be – I am slow as hell and had a more realist look to my work – but it was such a pleasure to watch him capture stuff in his sketch book (an A5 black hardback Daler as I recall!).

    It is so lovely to see your work in progress and the capturing of your subject ‘on the flipper’ so to speak. BRILLIANT.

    thank you for sharing it.

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