Monthly Archives: June 2011

New Gallery Collage Work In Progress: The Grey Heron

Working on 3 new collages to go with my Golden Eagle for a rather nice local gallery and thought I’d share a few work in progress photos of the Grey Heron that’s currently on the art board.

After working out my composition and transferring the drawing to my art board (went over the sketch in pen to preserve the line work) I started on the background adding tissue paper reeds.

The tissue paper reeds look pretty harsh at this point but it will mostly be covered up as I’m creating a kind of underpainting to get rid of the harsh white art board and create a John Jame Audubon kind of feel.

Once the background texture had been completed, I started to work on the main collage adding the actual reeds which at this point looks like the heron has come to an unfortunate end having been impaled numerous times.

Still lots to do before I move on to the Heron, including the water that he’s standing in (decided to have the left foot submerged) and add in a further few small reeds and other riverside foliage but quite pleased with how it’s coming together at this point.

The actual collage measures about 60 x 80 cm.