Monthly Archives: August 2011

Debut Gallery Work

After weeks of feverishly working away on Dinosaurs (hence the radio silence on Twitter), I finally squeezed in time to finish the 3rd and final large scale collage for my gallery debut.

Having taken them to be photographed this morning before dropping them off at the gallery to be framed, I finally have decent images of each piece to share here on the site.

As of mid-September the 3 collages will be on display and for sale at Trent Galleries in Newark, Nottinghamshire (UK).

The Grey Heron

Traditional cut paper collage / 580x450mm

The Hare

Traditional cut paper collage / 235x275mm

The Golden Eagle

Traditional cut paper collage / 480x350mm


Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs

I was recently commissioned by a publisher to work on 15 collage dinosaurs for a children’s pop-up book – being an avid dinosaur fan since I was a kid, this was pretty much a dream project and I loved every minute of it (even the late 2am finishes every night for the past 2 weeks). I’m practically a qualified Palaeontology Professor now after all my research 🙂

The publisher gave me permission to post one of the dino’s on my blog, so here is the T-Rex (one of my favourite ones to work on). Mostly traditional collage with a few digital details.

The encouraging thing is that this was the first commission I’ve received through a publisher finding me on my Hire An Illustrator portfolio. (For those interested in giving Hire An Illustrator a try, I’ll be posting a review of the service on my Illustration resource blog zero2illo in the next few weeks ).

No time to rest though – it’s straight back into the gallery collages as my deadline to take my 3 finished pieces in for framing is Tuesday. It’s an exciting time though as it feels like this art and illustration thing is finally starting to gather some steam and for that I’m very grateful.