Monthly Archives: September 2011

Sea Life Children’s Pop-Up Book

I recently received another commission from the ‘Dino Pop-Up Book’ client – this time sea creatures!

After the fun creating the collage dinosaurs for the previous project, this time I got to work on traditional collages of a Great White Shark, a Hump Back Whale, a Sea Turtle, an Angler Fish (such weird creatures) + another 12 or so fish.

I’m still mid deadline (everything is due at the publisher on 4th October) and it’s been a pretty grueling schedule, working until 3am for the past 7 days straight due to other work commitments, but with such lovely subjects to work on it’s also been a lot of fun.

The publisher will be taking both the dinosaur and ocean finished artwork to the Frankfurt Book Fair mid October so fingers crossed they get picked up and reach publication.

I’m not allowed to show the full sea creature spreads but here’s a sneak peek at the Octopus and Humpback Whale collages.

Right, back to work – there are magazines waiting to be turned into a Leopard Seal tonight!