Monthly Archives: September 2012

Before and After

Still working hard on the children’s wildlife pop-up book and am finally over the half way mark, so I thought I’d share a little before and after of a recent Jaguar collage that I completed for the book.

Sometimes I’m unable to find exactly the right colour magazine clippings for the animal I’m collaging, but I know as long as the tonal range is right, I’d be able to tweak it with an adjustment layer of colour in Photoshop.

Due to the tight deadline of the book project, there’s no way I’d have time to cut out all those spots either, so I once again turn to Photoshop for efficiency. I try to only use it as a digital version of my glue and scissors by scanning magazine clippings and cutting them out digitally to place over the scanned collage. This way I don’t end up with a final image that looks obviously Photoshopped (I hope!)

Here is a before and after of the basic scanned collage and the final Photoshopped image.

Children’s Wildlife Pop-up Book

I’m currently working on a rather large children’s wildlife pop-up book containing 70+ animals, all of which need to be cut paper collaged.

The deadline is super tight which means a pretty relentless schedule of Illustrating into the small hours every night for the next month, but I love the subject matter and am very excited to be working on my first pop-up book.

I can’t share much due to contracts, but below are a few snippets of some of the animals I’ve been working on so far…