BBC Wildlife Artist Of The Year 2011 Entry

This year I decided to enter the BBC Wildlife Artist Of The Year 2011 competition in part as a way to force myself to try a collage on a slightly larger scale. I chose the ‘British Birds’ category and one of my favourite birds of prey – the majestic Golden Eagle.

It was a refreshing change working with larger pieces of paper and being bolder in my cuts as well as trying a few new materials like tissue paper – the only problem was finding enough large magazine clippings in the right colour range to work with.

The final piece measures 600x300mm – here’s a little sneak peek of the final collage (we aren’t allowed to show the full images until after the competition). I should hear by 30th April if I’ve made it through the first round of judging – wish me luck.

3 Responses to BBC Wildlife Artist Of The Year 2011 Entry

  1. I love love looove eagles! And I can already see that your piece is absolutely stunning 🙂 !! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. I’m a first time viewer of your website and would have to say, your art is the most unique and inspiring i have seen in a long while. Really refreshing website design too! i too share your passion for illustrating animals but there is something about the way you interpret them that is fascinating. If you were ever interested in donating your artwork, the Elephant Nature Foundation, has a monthly online art auction and your asian elephant collage would fit right in. Good luck with this spectacular eagle

  3. Wow Jonathan, this looks amazing! All those beautiful colours and textures. Wish you lots of luck with the competition:) The new site also looks great by the way.

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