How to Find Your Unique Illustration Style

zero2illo_Uncover-Your-Unique-Illustration-Style-1A recognisable, signature style. Do you have one? Or is it something you’ve always struggled to find with your illustrations?

It wasn’t until 2010 – at the grand old age of 35 – that I finally uncovered my own unique style. The funny (frustrating?!) thing is, is that it had been there all along – when I looked back, it was even evident in my work from college.

It was only after (accidentally) doing all of the exercises in this book over the course of a year, that I finally nailed my own individual style.

And since then, uncovering my own unique style has made the world of difference:

  • I’ve honed in on the type of work and clients I really want.
  • I design targeted and tailored promotional materials.
  • I’ve built a portfolio website I’m happy with instead of changing it every few months.
  • I’ve moved from securing 3-figure to 5-figure client projects.

Do you feel your lack of style is the one BIG thing still holding you back from a successful career in the industry? Then this eGuide is for you.

I’ve written the guide to share the exercises and approaches that worked for me – and I hope they’ll work for you too.

This is what Weylon Smith said about the guide:

It’s phenomenal! I dropped everything at work and read the entire thing. Your book is one I should re-read often to help me. Invaluable advice for any aspiring illustrator, and even for some pros looking for a change.”

What is the zero2illo Style Guide?

The Uncover Your Unique Style Guide is a focused ebook which walks you through a number of exercises, designed to help you uncover your unique illustration style by helping stretch you, focus you and relax you – and enable you to identify a style that is uniquely yours.

Because my experience isn’t the only one that matters and I am by no means an expert in this, I’ve also asked a number of other illustrators to provide their insights and experience on the topic of having a unique style and how much they feel it matters to your career.

The Style Guide includes:

  • Six creative exercises to help you uncover your unique style.
  • Insightful interviews with the following illustrators who share their views on having a unique style, including:
    • Chris Leavens
    • Kevin Cross
    • Gaia Bordicchia
    • Joy Gosney
  • We asked each illustrator to answer the following core questions (as well as a number of questions, unique to each interviewee):
    • How important is a strong style in today’s industry?
    • Do you have a dream project or client which you think would work well with your style?
    • What advice would you give to another illustrator struggling to uncover their personal style?

The exercises are all designed to help you unlock and uncover the common elements in your illustrations, so that you can hone in on and begin to develop a style that is uniquely yours.

This worked for me and has been the catalyst I’d needed for years. I really hope it works for you too…


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