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Family Friendly Ideas To Educate Your Children About Wildlife Conservation

Few would deny there is much work to do when it comes to wildlife conservation. Just one of many startling conservation facts comes from Harvard University, which highlighted that “Approximately 30,000 species per year (about three per hour) are being driven to extinction.”

Although it seems hopeless, there is still hope: people in the 21st century are far more aware of how important it is to protect the planet and its array of inhabitants, including wildlife and people. And much of the positive progress in wildlife conservation has primarily resulted from a generational shift in attitudes over time, a trend we can continue to impact in a meaningful way. 

If you are a parent, you might have aspirations of teaching your children how to work with nature instead of against it. So with that in mind, here are a few fun ways to engage in wildlife conservation for the whole family. 

Educate & Inspire Through Art-Making

Art is such a brilliant way to educate, inspire and engage our young ones in wildlife conservation. And it’s a fantastic means to occupy the kids for a few hours on a rainy day.  To get started, you can access our free ocean activity kit

The kit focuses upon three endangered species, the Great White Shark, the Green Sea Turtle, and the Bluefin Tuna. And you can use it to teach your kids exciting factoids about these ocean-dwelling creatures while engaging them in a range of art-making tutorials. 

We also offer a free Savanna activity kit focusing on the Giant Anteater, the Rothschild’s Giraffe and the Pangolin: three endangered species native to the African savanna. 

Once you have downloaded your chosen kit, all you’ll need to get started is a printer, paper, scissors, glue stick and felt tip pens or crayons. The activities will encourage your children to adopt a compassionate approach to nature that will last a lifetime. 

Explore the Local Wildlife 

Alarmingly exotic species aren’t the only ones making the endangered list. For instance, in the UK, many breeds of farm animals and bees are struggling too. Making it essential to consider a local approach because we can achieve so much for global wildlife conservation by starting in our communities. 

On the theme of educating through art-making, try getting your young people excited about local and often overlooked endangered species with farm animals clipart or honey bee clipart. Here’s a top tip: Turn your downloads into stickers by printing them on sticker paper or use them as printable colouring book pages. 

Another fantastic local starting point is to explore the great outdoors as a family and discover the wildlife in your community. Try:

  • A walk to see the ducks
  • Venturing into your garden to name the Minibeasts or to plant bee-friendly flowers
  • A day out to a wildlife preserve close to home
  • Fund-raising for a local wildlife conservation initiative 

The Takeaway 

The range of activities outlined above will instil a healthy sense of appreciation and wonder within your children, all while making learning fun. Educating in these hands-on ways will also encourage the next generation to appreciate and protect the wildlife that lay on their doorstep and in the world beyond it

*This is a collaborative post* 


Download the August 2019 Desktop

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Download the February 2018 Desktop

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Global Tiger Day OFFERS

To think that in my lifetime, these magnificent creatures could become extinct is just something I can’t even comprehend.

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Stock Clearance Greetings Card Sale

As we’re moving house in a few weeks, I’m having a stock clearance sale of my greetings cards.

Below are the packs that are available for £5.00 (usually £8) + postage & packing (£1.50 UK / £2.50 International).

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NYC Aquarium ‘Ocean Wonders: Sharks’ Exhibit

I’m very excited to be able to finally announce that I’m currently working with the lovely people at the Wildlife Conservation Society in the US to produce 60+ Illustrations for the ‘Ocean Wonders: Sharks’ exhibit that will be housed in the new $157 million re-build and transformation of the NYC Aquarium.

As a shark freak, this is a dream project and by far the highest profile and hugest job I’ve ever worked on (literally, with Illustrations ranging from 5cm to a whopping 4 metres!)

I’m nearly half way through the final artwork, but won’t be able to share anything until the Aquarium is re-opened in 2016. However, I have been given permission to share a sneak peek of one of the shark Illustrations from a huge shipwreck scene…


I feel very fortunate to be working on such a fun and very worthwhile conservation project, helping to educate future generations about these amazing creatures.

Here’s an animated walk through of how the exhibit will look when finished – it looks amazing!

Original Collage Auction For The Philippines Typhoon Disaster Fund

In response to the devastating typhoon that hit the Philippines and to try and help the people over there in some small way, I’ll be auctioning off my framed original Kingfisher collage to the highest bidder.

The auction is being run via my Jonathan Woodward Studio Facebook page, is already underway and will run until midnight on Friday (GMT). I will be covering the cost of postage and packing to anywhere in the world.


My wife and children are Filipino by genetics so I feel even more compelled to try and help, but more than that, I’m a human and fellow humans are currently going through something we probably couldn’t even begin to imagine right now. So, please do hop over to the Facebook page and take a look >>>


I’m delighted to say that the final, winning amount bid for the collage was £100. Thank you very much to Mary Murphy, who is the new owner of my Kingfisher collage.


Wolves Digital Painting Tutorial

About 3 years ago, before I settled on the traditional cut paper collage style of Illustration that I currently work in, I was still dabbling with digital painting in Adobe Photoshop.

I did love the immediacy of the digital medium and it’s forgiving qualities when I made a mistake (not so easy to correct snippets of paper that have been glued down).

Back in 2009 I was commissioned to produce a digital painting tutorial and although in a different medium, my subject matter has always been the same – wildlife of course!

As it’s been 3 years since I created the tutorial, I think I’m pretty safe to show it on here now. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful if you’re thinking of giving digital painting a try.

Here’s a pic of the final digital painting…


Season’s Greetings


I’d just like to take the opportunity to say thank you for all your kind emails, comments, Facebook ‘likes’ and tweets throughout the year (they really do mean a lot to me) and also to wish you all a happy holidays and a fantastic 2013.