Custom Illustrations For Companies With A Unique Story To Tell.

Jonathan Woodward is an environmentally-friendly wildlife Illustrator who specialises in a traditional cut paper collage style using recycled magazines.

His work is ideal for companies who would like to tell their unique story with a visually rich medium which appeals to all ages.

Jonathan’s Illustrations are ideal for:

  • Tourist Maps
  • Souvenir Brochures
  • Guide Books
  • Gift Merchandise (posters, booklets, postcards, bookmarks, t-shirts and more)
  • Promotional Materials (websites, brochures, leaflets and more)

If you’d like a visual style which represents your eco credentials, get in touch with Jonathan to discuss your project.


Every project is unique and will have individual requirements but below is a list of sample prices for Illustration work:

  • Maps: From £250 (depending on the complexity)
  • Small animal/bird: From £85 (approx. size 150 x 250mm)
  • Large animal/bird: From £125 (approx. size 250 x 350mm)

Commercial Licences:

Illustrations to be used on products for re-sale (e.g. souvenir posters, prints, t-shirts etc.) will incur an additional commercial licence fee. This licence can be arranged for a 1, 3 or 5 year period depending upon your requirements. The fee will be agreed prior to commencement of work.

Design Services:

Jonathan is also an experienced Graphic Designer for both print ?and web.
Should you need promotional materials created that feature your illustrations (e.g. websites, brochures, signage, posters etc.), please enquire about Jonathan’s design services.


What is the creation process?

To begin the process, Jonathan creates a sketch of the composition for each animal or piece of work you require, for your approval.

Once approved, Jonathan creates the collage by hand, using clippings from recycled magazines, a pair of scissors and lots of glue!

When complete, the paper collage is scanned to create a digital file. Final touches are added using Adobe Photoshop and you’ll receive the high-res digital image files by email.

Can final Illustrations be altered?

Due to the nature of the traditional cut paper collage medium, it isn’t possible to make changes that will radically alter the illustration. However, minor changes, such as additional small details, can be added at the digital stage.

Every effort is made in the preliminary sketch stage to involve you, to ensure you are totally happy with the composition and proposed design of the collage, prior to starting the final collage.

Why/when do I need a Commercial Licence?

If you plan to re-sell items which feature Jonathan’s Illustrations (e.g. posters, t-shirts, postcards etc.), you will need to purchase a commercial licence to do so.

If you will be using the Illustrations in your own promotional materials only, (e.g. your website and/or company brochure etc.), or in and around your resort or business (e.g. signage, maps, displays etc.), then you will not need to purchase a commercial licence.

How and when do I need to pay?

For commissions under £1,000, full payment is required up-front. For commissions over £1,000, a 50% deposit is required and a pre-arranged payment schedule will be agreed to pay the remaining balance.

If you’d like a visual style which represents your eco credentials, get in touch with Jonathan to discuss your project.