January 2012 Promo Mailers

Trying something a bit different with my first promo mailer of 2012…

Rather than sending a single postcard, I wanted to send a number of images to each prospective client. Taking advantage of their printfinity system to have different images on the front of each card, I used moo’s business cards and selected illustrations from my portfolio that would be relevant to each prospective client (I also created a few new Illustrations where I didn’t have something relevant to use).

Once printed, I placed them in a plastic business card holder strip, trimmed the holder to size (sent 4 cards to some contacts and only 3 to others) and sent them off with a hand written note to each dream client – ensuring that my branding was consistent throughout.

The strategy behind sending multiple, smaller cards was that prospective clients would then have spare copies to pass around to other people in their department and spread the awareness of my work.

Fingers crossed…

Total cost of printing, business card holders and postage to 16 carefully chosen contacts was around £40.

Here are the finished cards showing the 10 images that I chose, along with the back of the card with all my details etc

Here are the wallets for the cards trimmed to size…

And finally, the hand written note along with the relevant set of cards for that prospective client…

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  1. Jonathan,
    Your mailers look awesome! I really like how you packaged them in muliples to show a variety of your work- brilliant! I did something along the same line. I made bookmarks out of minicards to send with my promo postcard, and for another mailer I tried stickers and businesscard gift tags to accompany my postcard. Each time I put my packets together inside vellum envelopes- I loved the way you could see the artwork through it.
    I’m sure your cards will grab the attention of your dream clients! 🙂
    If you have any extra I’d love a few to put up on my inspiration board.

  2. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and encouragement – hopefully I’ll be posting on the blog about new projects as a result of these mailers soon 🙂

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