Original Collage Auction

Every month I’ll be holding an auction of my original cut paper collages. Each collage is totally unique and a one of a kind. All collages come with a simple white frame and are signed and dated.

How The Auction Works

Below you’ll see a list of the original collages available to bid on. Simply complete the form at the bottom of the page with your contact details, the collage you’d like to bid on and your bid amount – if you’re successful, you’ll be notified at the end of the auction and payment will be requested via PayPal prior to shipping.

(Note: Your bid doesn’t include shipping costs and a further £5 / US$8 (UK) or £10 / US$16 (outside of the UK) unless otherwise stated, will be added to your bid amount)

If your chosen collage has already been sold or you’d like to commission an original artwork, please do also get in touch.

This Month’s Collages

The Hare

Artwork Dimensions: 220 x 280 mm / 8.6″ x 11″

Frame Dimensions: 460 x 510 mm / 18″ x 20″

Minimum Bid: £150 / US$235

Note: This collage is framed in a gallery quality, solid dark brown wooden frame. Shipping for this collage will be £20.

The Polar Bear

Artwork Dimensions: 165 x 115 mm / 6.5″ x 4.5″

Frame Dimensions: 230 x 320 mm / 9″ x 12.5″

Minimum Bid: £25 / US$40

Archie The Adelie Penguin

Artwork Dimensions: 280 x 180 mm / 11″ x 7.8″

Frame Dimensions: 420 x 320 mm / 16.5″ x 12.5″

Minimum Bid: £25 / US$40

Blue Koi

Artwork Dimensions: 110 x 170 mm / 4.3″ x 6.7″

Frame Dimensions: 260 x 200 mm / 10″ x 7.9″

Minimum Bid: £25 / US$40

Your Bid

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