Spring Fling 2013


In October last year, I was contacted by designer Tim Bremner on behalf of Spring Fling, Scotland’s Premier Arts and Crafts Open Studios Event, to Illustrate the wrap-around cover for their 2013 event brochure.

I explored a couple of different directions, but in the end we went with grasshoppers in different colours so they could be used as a branding device to denote the different routes on the open studio tour.

grasshopper animal rough

grasshopper rough

Once the composition and Photoshop colour rough had been approved, I moved straight on to final artwork and began collaging the grass…


…before individually collaging each of the grasshoppers.


All of the grasshoppers and the grass were then pulled together in Photoshop, where subtle shadows were added beneath each of the grasshoppers to ground them in the scene.

Spring Fling 2013 Book Cover



The Illustrations were also used on both the guide map and in the Spring Fling app too.



The whole project was really fun to work on, with great clients and art direction throughout. Special thanks to designer Tim Bremner and Spring Fling project manager Leah Black.

Here’s what designer Tim had to say about my involvement in the project:

I worked with Jonathan recently for the first time on the brochure cover of the Spring Fling Arts Festival. Having made contact with Jonathan my first impressions were that he was very friendly, enthusiastic and pro-active right from the start.

Once we had agreed on which direction to take, everything went very smoothly and he went straight to final artwork without any further changes.

Jonathan fulfilled the brief perfectly and the client was very happy.

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