The December 2013 Desktop Wallpaper & Print

With this new December 2013 desktop, it marks 3 years since I started creating and releasing them – this is probably the longest illustration project I’ve ever stuck to!

These desktops have been an important part of my work – giving me a space to experiment with new ideas without a client looking over my shoulder, and also enabling me to share a taster of some of the client jobs I’ve been working on at the time.

To celebrate, I wanted to do something to take the project to the next level and also tie it in more with our endangered animals website, Then There Were None.

The Plan for 2014

So, thanks to my lovely business strategist wife, I have a new plan!

Each month I’ll be releasing:

Week 1: The desktop to download, freely.

Weeks 2 & 3: Prints of the desktop; on sale for a limited time until they become extinct forever.

Week 4: One unique, hand embellished and signed version of the print.

This Month’s Desktop

Without any further ado, here is the December desktop available for immediate download…


Please right click on the version you’d like and select “Save As…”:

With the print that will be available in week 2, I’d like your help to decide which one goes on sale…

I’ll be adding these 2 prints to the Jonathan Woodward Studio Facebook page and asking you to vote there. Alternatively you can leave a comment with your vote here on the blog.

The two prints are…

Polar Bear Family


Polar Bears & Narwhals


The Story So Far…

I also thought it would be fun to take this opportunity to gather all my previous wallpapers together in one place and see how they’ve changed and progressed over the years…


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